Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Follow These Steps to Enhance Your Web Security

Your system is always exposed to the risks of getting attacked by malwares and is also on the target of hackers who are in the lookout of opportunities to break in. This can spell doom for your organization and compromise the confidentiality of strategic data. The fact that hackers have evolved over the years and are using difficult to detect malwares and other advanced technologies to gain access to your network only adds to the criticality of this issue.

In order to address these problems you should take adequate measures to strengthen your web security. A secure system will not only enable resist cyber-attacks but also act as a deterrent against potential threats. Some of the ways in which this can be done are:

•    Use multiple antivirus engines: You should make it a point to scan all downloads within the parameter of the system. Using multiple scanning engines can prove to be of help in this regard. Also, using antivirus systems comes with a set of advantages and disadvantages as each system suffers with one loophole or another. It is therefore advisable that you use multiple antivirus engines. This on one hand will ensure that you get the benefits of using these engines and on the other hand, the weakness of one system is mitigated by others thus maintaining the overall balance.

•    Your employees may be using websites which allow transfer of large files. This can result in leakage of critical and confidential data. You should therefore block these websites and any uploads. Using only authorized websites can also prove to be of help in this regard. This would enable you in maintaining a reasonable amount of control. Make it a point to use a common account and do not forget to remove the redundant files.

•    As far as possible, avoid clicking on links from unknown sources or random links from social networking websites. As a matter of fact you should even be weary of links from sources and people you trust.  Many malware authors use simple methods to create fake domains. In order to counter such problems, it is advisable that you exercise reasonable amount of caution before clicking on unusually short URLs.

•    Avoid visiting websites that you do not know or have a very limited idea. In case visiting these sites is imperative, implement web reputation blocking. This technology ensures the credibility of the website by evaluating various parameters such as its age, examining suspicious activities and keeping a check on historical location changes. The system subsequently assigns a reputation score based on the results. Moreover, it will keep on scanning websites and block you from visiting the infected ones.

These are some of the ways in which you can strengthen your web security. Following these measures will enhance the potency of your system and enable it to resist cyber-attacks successfully.

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