Sunday, 16 November 2014

Know your Cyber Security System

From top business houses to mid-size business ones, more and more organizations are opting for a highly advanced cyber security system. Apart from IPS (Intrusion Prevention Systems), there are IDS (Intrusion Detection Systems) and Firewall systems. These cyber security systems are capable of creating a protective boundary across your business assets that will prevent it from potential theft.

If you’re not aware of security tools and are still wondering about their functionality and requirements in a business organization, then don’t worry. IPS or Intrusion Prevention Systems block the attackers in cyberspace and also track down the I.P. address from which the attack was logged. The block can be permanent as well as temporary, as per the user settings.

Hackers always try to find loopholes within an organization’s cyber security system by launching scans. IPS recognizes such malicious scans and in turn, the system drops, blocks, logs traffic and quarantines. It’s counted among the best, most highly advanced features of the IPS systems.

The IDS, or Intrusion Detection System, is known to detect an intrusion, records the attack and then sends an alert to the admin. However, like IPS, IDS doesn’t affect the network by slowing it down. Many companies opt for IDS as certain business houses don’t rely on system decisions and would like to take necessary action after receiving the alert.

When compared to both IPS and IDS systems, firewall filters both block and allow addresses, networks, services and ports. Apart from the access, firewalls are not designed to differentiate between legit and illegal traffic, as this part is played by IPS and IDS.

IPS/ IDS detects and investigates the traffic in which the firewall took necessary action or let the traffic pass smoothly. These are composed of analyzers, sensors and GUI’s for their special functioning.

If you’re looking for a system that will keep your business secure and save your network from malicious attacks, it’s time to upgrade your cyber security system. All of these components are important, and if you’re getting these security solutions for your business, ensure that you put your valuable assets into safe hands. It also means highly protected business data.

You can also search for network cyber security professionals online. You will find a wide range of service providers, so go through their services and choose a provider as per your needs. Contact professionals today and if you’re confused, take advice from the experts. Opt for cyber security systems and watch your business grow in a secure manner.

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