Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Secure Your Enterprise with a NGFW for Best Results

With the internet being accessed by an increasing number of users, it has become imperative for a business to secure their IT network with more than just traditional firewalls. As an organization grows and the employees frequently use a varied number of tools and software, data health, security and compliance become a challenge.

The way people interact and conduct their official business is changing fast; the workplaces are no longer restricted to four walls or even a building. People need to access official IT resources as they work on-the-go. This often leads to applications (not designed for the enterprise) bypassing the traditional firewalls and entering a business network in spite of all measures being taken by the IT security professionals. This opens up the entire IT network to various cyber-attacks, posing risks as high as closure of business or legal suits. Hence, it is essential that business owners invest in efforts and technology that can safeguard their IT assets as per today's changing environment. A Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) is the apt solution to this concern.

An NGFW is a high-performance gateway security appliance that promises state-of-the-art fire walling, application controls and the prevention of unauthorized intrusion. Having a NGFW in place is the need of the hour to ensure best-in-class information security Irrespective of the industry type, or the size of the organization; a dynamic network security system is of utmost significance.

What A NGFW offers?
  • Secures corporate internet traffic from hackers, network attacks, malware, unsafe intrusion attempts, data theft and other internet based crimes.
  • A secure connection between offices at different locations, remote as well as virtual workforce.
  • Transparency, visibility and control at the application level.
  • Real time as well as historical visibility into the network, user events for security.

With a trusted Next Generation Firewall, businesses can rest assured that they have safeguarded their IT assets well, resulting in enhanced employee productivity. At the same time, they can ensure that there is least risk to their intellectual wealth and customer data. Businesses must safeguard their IT wealth by consulting and hiring a professional IT security services provider.

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