Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Difference Between Hardware Firewalls And Software Firewalls

There are basically two types of firewalls:- 1.hardware firewalls, firewalls.
  1. It is a physical device that is located between networks connections and the computers that are    operating on the network.
  2. It is also known as personal firewall as it can be installed in the personal computers as well for domestic use.

Some use both of these firewalls uniquely for both of them covers a blanket of protection.

A hardware firewall is used only if there is a use of more than three computers that shares a particular Internet connection for home or for business transactions. It acts as a barrier between the Internet and all computers that have an internet connection within them. Though it vary in prices then also they are very cheap than the software firewalls.

A software firewall can also be referred as a ”personal” firewall as it is very unique for protecting individual computers not depending upon whose network it is based on. One thing must be kept in mind that if there is use of a dangle in a personal computer or laptop then the use of firewalls is a must. It must be a first process of safety measures for computer security. What is most essential is that with the introduction of firewalls also the computer is not fully secured, the use of anti viruses and anti-spy work products must be installed for total protection.

Basic Difference:-
  1. Hardware firewalls is basically used for large scale industries whereas Software firewalls is used mainly for small scale retail industries.
  2. Hardware firewalls is basically a physical device located between the networks and the computers having internet connection. A Software firewalls is mainly installed in personal computers.
  3. Hardware firewalls is most cost-effective and therefore they are easy to purchase whereas Software firewalls are relatively costlier.
  4. Hardware firewalls is mainly designed to prevent the outside intruders for blocking and getting access in your network, Software firewalls is designed to prevent intruders also but its scope is limited as it is only for a personal computer.
  5. Hardware firewalls use various techniques whereas Software firewalls have a limited technique.
  6. Hardware firewalls can be bought individually irrespective of that the Software firewalls have to be bought with a computer or with a system.
  7. A Hardware firewalls can separate a computer from its process and A Software firewalls helps to separate only a personal computer system.
  8. Hardware firewalls is not as hard as the out-going traffic whereas Software firewalls is comparatively far harder.
  9. Hardware firewalls  is good at blocking direct intrusions or any deactivating codes, and Software firewalls is used basically for detecting Trojans and email viruses.
  10. Hardware firewalls  is much more protective than the Software firewalls.

Both these two types of firewall is used for protecting computers in a big scale industries or for personal computer process. It is used basically in computers but it is not so protective as use of antivirus is still required.

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