Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Benefits of using IPv6 network with a Firewall

Benefits of Using IPv6
If you overlook the security issue of Internet protocol version 6 (IPv6), about which we will discuss later, you can clearly see that it offers multiple benefits. The increased number of addresses is not the only benefit of IPv6 over IPv4. These are given below:

Effective Routing -
IPv6 diminishes the routing tables’ size, making routing effective and hierarchical. IPv6 enables internet service providers to gather the prefixes of the network of their customers into one prefix and declare it to the IPv6 network. Furthermore, in Internet protocol version 6, it is the responsibility of the source device to handle the fragmentation, instead of the router.

Simplified Network Configuration - Auto-configuration of address has been enabled in the IPv6. It is a router that passes the local link’s prefix in its router advertisements. The IP address can be created by the host by adding link-layer address, transformed into EUI (Extended Universal Identifier) 64-bit format, to the local link prefix (64 bits).

Effective Packet Processing -
The packet processing in IPv6 is more effective. IPv6 doesn’t contain any IP-level checksum, and therefore it is not required to recalculate the checksum during every router hop.

By installing a firewall for your IPv6 network, you can ensure hassle-free experience with IPv6 network and can enjoy the best of your technology. Importance should be given to the security of your computer and therefore never leave it unprotected as that will give a chance to hackers. The hackers are getting wise to the workings of the new internet protocol.

As noted by IT security experts, the biggest network security concern of today is the threats that crop up when enterprises turning to IPv6. This is the main concern, but somehow it is has been mislaid in the hype regarding how IPv4 is about to go out of Internet protocol addresses allotted to every single internet-linked device due to the sudden great increase of internet users, web services, and devices.

There is no denying the fact that IPv6 will resolve the issue as it offers addresses that are way too higher than IPv4. However, while resolving that issue, there is a greater chance that this will expose businesses to cyber-attacks. As use of IPv6 is increasing, the chances of attacks are also going up as the focus of hackers shifts towards this development.

Given the situation, it is necessary for internet users to put in place a network security solution that offers a high level of protection for IPv6 content. A strong firewall application for IPv6 network can keep the hackers at bay without hampering the performance of your computer.

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