Monday, 19 October 2015

Data Center Physical Security: 5 crucial tips
Securing data centers is not a child’s play, but are the IT professionals doing enough to secure the data centers. Looking into the soft security measures like enterprise security software may be the most important part of the process but the buck, in fact, does not stop there. There are also a bunch of security measures that may be deployed at a physical level for data center security. Take a look.

Picking the Right Spot for Construction Spot

The thumb rule is avoid building data centers in areas that are close to airports, chemical manufacturing units and power units. It is also advisable to avoid building them in earthquake zones. Ensure that you build the data center at least 20+ miles away from the main headquarters. Ideally, it needs to be 100 feet away from a traffic ridden road.

Pay Attention To Walls and Windows

Go for foot-thick concrete walls as provide protection against explosive devices and elements. You can line foot-thick concrete walls up with kevlar for added security. Avoid windows and if you think, the idea of a windowless workspace is too barbaric for the workforce, limit windows to the administrational office of the data center.

Install Fences and Use Landscaping

It’s necessary to have physical barriers around the data center and what can be a better physical barrier around a construction site than a good old fence? Trees and shrubs can help you hide the building from passing cars and act as a barrier. All this won’t just guard the data center against obstructive elements but also hide it from unwanted onlookers.

Keep a buffer zone around the site

When we say buffer we’re talking about 100 feet. The best way to do is to install crash proof barriers around the buffer zone radius. This, however, may not be necessary if you’ve already installed fences and used landscaping.

Those were the 5 ways to add physical security to your datacenter. If you manage to pull just these 5 things off, your datacenter will stay out of trouble. Additionally, you may also try limiting entry points, installing a sufficient number of CCTV cameras and installing fire doors in the right places and using them on an exit only basis.

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