Monday, 6 January 2014

How to Secure Key Health Information

In recent times, there are several major network security threats that are posing challenges to organizations of all sizes and types. Threats such as malware, spyware, Denial of Service (DoS), phishing and many other malicious elements can cause damage to organizations that are not well-equipped. Hence, centralized healthcare network security appliances need to be deployed in order have a comprehensive data security system.
There are four major challenges that are specifically creating problems for the healthcare industry. These risk factors are securing/provisioning network access for medical devices, protecting network access for visitors, securing patient information, and compliance with the regulatory standards. 


Let’s know how security appliances help resolve these four major issues:
Provides Security to Medical Devices
The presence of an increasing number of medical devices on the network creates risks in terms of securing network access for these devices. Web appliances ensure that that only familiar and authorized devices will be able to connect to the network, and that unauthorized devices are denied access.
Network Access Security for Visitors
A large number of healthcare professionals as well as patients visit a network daily for fetching information. High-end web appliances enable administrators to ensure network security and reduce the administrative responsibilities at the same time.
Secured Access to Patient Information
Administrators use security appliances as tools for validating user identity before providing access. This is a crucial task which ensures that users get access only to the resources they are authorized for.
Web appliances secure a network through the following functions:
  • Provides email security with anti-spam and monitoring system;
  • Web filtering;
  • Securing data integrity and confidentiality of patient records;
  • Preventing threats like virus, spyware or other web hazards from getting access;
  • Keeping up with the latest web policies and regulations being enforced.

Healthcare organizations need to have a centralized security system in place, which is easy to manage, and can integrate various web appliances on a single platform. For that purpose, availing professional services for installing essential appliances can provide a strong and cost-effective network platform for complete security.

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