Monday, 25 November 2013

Your Gateway to Secured Online Protection

Things might be falling into the right places for your business as it is growing fast with expanded customer base, and have more potential to grow. Virtual businesses comprise a significant part of your company’s commercial activities that are done through online communication and financial transactions. Though online business provides a myriad of opportunities for enterprises of all sizes and types, it also poses some serious and persistent threats to an organization’s financial health and data security. Hence, fool proof protection against malicious traffic and phishing scams should be a top priority in your organization’s ‘To do’ list. In order to have comprehensive security protection, it’s important that you avail high-end  professional services by installing internet security appliances to thwart all kinds of online threats.

Organizations exchange a huge amount of cash and data on a daily basis. All these transactions give hackers opportunities to identify and attack websites to breach their virtual security through viruses, spam and other harmful malwares. To prevent this, your website urgently needs a robust defense mechanism incorporating thorough Unified Threat Management (UTM). UTM is equipped with Gateway Anti-virus, firewall, anti-spyware, web filtering and other appliances to deliver complete web security against harmful traffic. Moreover, UTM integrates all these multiple network security technologies into a single platform, which is cost-effective and easy to maintain.
Key features of the Network Security System are as below:

1. Preventing malicious web traffic from entering your corporate network;
2. Scanning of incoming traffic for harmful attachments;
3. Using intrusion prevention system (IPS) for detecting and blocking intrusion  attempts;
4. Providing a secure remote accessibility for employees while connecting to an organization’s network from other locations;
5. Having security updates for latest anti-virus definitions and new features with negligible manual intervention.

Besides the services mentioned above, these appliances also save bandwidth, observe the pattern of web traffic, provide identity-based security, reduce the cost of security compliance, and do effective disaster management.

All the benefits mentioned above provide a strong network security, connectivity, and remote accessibility with controlled network access in a virtualized environment. Due to such advance security features, a large number of enterprises are moving forward from traditional network security to the state-of-the-art and flexible virtual security platform.

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